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A high strength washing-up liquid, 20% is a longer lasting cleaner for dishes, floors and vehicles. It also can be used in steam degreasing, green fly control, and even as a cement additive. This product is also available in a fresh lemon fragrance.


Our washing-up liquid is an economy washing-up liquid ideal for general dish cleaning also suitable for floor or vehicle washing.


Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for cleaning floors, walls, cutlery, worktops, vinyl, cloth upholstery and vehicles.
  • Extremely economical in use.
  • Mildly fragranced, neutral formulation.
  • Sold individually.
  • 5 litres.

How to Use Our Washing-ip Liquid
For general dishwashing use 1 part to 200 parts hand hot water (25ml per 5ltr).

For general cleaning use 1 part to 100 parts hand hot water (50ml per 5ltr).

For upholstery cleaning use 1 part to 20 parts hot water (250ml per 5ltr).

Washing Up Liquid 5L

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