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Discover the strength and care of Fairy Non Bio Platinum Pods, Fairy's best softness* + Extra Stain RemovalΔ (* vs other Fairy Non Bio detergents Δ Platinum Pods vs Fairy Pods). Voted No.1 Laundry Brand for Sensitive Skin (Online panel of 3327 females aged 18-70). Discover the gentle care of Fairy Non Bio Pods Washing Liquid Capsules, with hygienic clean and Fairy best softness (vs other Fairy Non Bio detergents). Try the Sensitive Skin Dream Team: Fairy Non Bio Platinum Pods + Fairy Snuggly Soft Fabric Conditioner; the softest combination for sensitive skin.

Fairy Non Bio Platinum Pods Washing Liquid Capsules 39 Washes

£8.95 Regular Price
£8.20Sale Price
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