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Our moisturising conditioner is suitable for all hair types
Alberto Balsam Sunkissed Raspberry Conditioner 350 ml is a moisturising conditioner that replenishes dry hair

This conditioner for dry hair is silicone-free and contains the strengthening pro-vitamin B5 that prevents moisture loss, leaving your hair soft and shiny
Alberto Balsam Sunkissed Raspberry Conditioner moisturises, detangles and smooths dry, damaged hair

This conditioner gives you a fresh burst of Sunkissed Raspberry fragrance so your hair smells as good as it feels

Alberto Balsam Sunkissed Raspberry Conditioner improves your hair manageability, making it softer and easier to comb


Alberto Balsam Sunkissed Raspberry Conditioner 350 ml will give your hair a refreshing burst of moisture and leaves it feeling and smelling fabulous! It uses most of the same ingredients you'll find in more expensive brands, but at a great price, which means you can afford to look glamorous every day. This conditioner for damaged hair does not contain silicones so it is gentle on your scalp and it does not dry out your hair. The pro vitamin B5 contained in its formula, strengthens the hair restoring its softness and shine. How to use: After you’ve shampooed, use a good size dollop of conditioner. We find it works best to leave it on for 1-2 minutes. Rinse hair thoroughly. Try not to get any conditioner in your eyes but if you do, rinse thoroughly with water. Have you also tried Alberto Balsam's Juicy Green Apple Conditioner or our Kids Shampoo? They work a treat. Alberto Balsam has been providing excellent affordable family conditioner to UK families for generations. Over the years, we've learnt to celebrate all the small things that make life beautiful. That's why we use delicious natural ingredients, like raspberry, coconut, blueberry and apple in our products to give you little moments of joy with their lovely fragrances. Hair smells as good as it feels. Our extensive range of fresh 'n’ fruity hair care fragrances means that everyone in the family will be able to find their perfect Alberto Balsam scent, for a fantastically fragrant in-wash experience and delicious smelling hair. The perfect family conditioner!

Alberto Balsam Conditioner Sunkissed Raspberry 350 ml

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